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A Smooth Journey of Using Software

By Diana Seow Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

Transitioning from pen and paper to modern cloud software does not have to be hard. Kreloses ensures that your journey will be effortless and seamless through our onboarding process.Transitioning from pen and paper to modern cloud software does not have to be hard. Kreloses ensures that your journey will be effortless and seamless through our onboarding process.

As the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) skyrockets, an increasing number of software companies are emerging in Malaysia. With so many choices, you can take your time to pick the right software that is most compatible with your business. However, there are a number of software companies that do not provide comprehensive guidance to their customers on operating their products, leaving customers lost and confused about the it. Regardless of how tech-savvy someone is, they will still need help and when they do, they almost always need it immediately. Without timely and ample assistance, it can be difficult to operate the product.

The The 'Help' pop-up window is available at every screen of Kreloses to guide you whenever you need help. You can toggle between tutorials without navigating away from your current page.

Kreloses is local and that means our support is prompt whenever you need it as we share the same time zone. We understand the urgency of help when you need it and try our best to respond in the smallest time frame possible. As a start to get you familiarised with Kreloses, we offer onsite training to you and your staff. We will also guide you and your staff on the job during the training for deeper understanding. To ensure that you and your staff are doing fine post-training, we will be doing several follow-ups with you where you can clarify any issue that you have about Kreloses. We will always be here to hold your hand whenever you are stuck even long after the on-boarding process.

Knowledge Center is the place for all of KrelosesKnowledge Center is the place for all of Kreloses' tutorials. You can use the search bar to look for the specific tutorial that you are looking for.

Together with our Knowledge Center, you will be able to access an extensive collection of tutorials around the clock. The straightforward and simple-to-understand manner, taken in both our document and video tutorials will be able to help you understand and utilise the features that Kreloses has to offer. Our courses in Kreloses Academy help to further reinforce your understanding of Kreloses and help you use its myriad features better. Both Knowledge Center and Kreloses Academy are constantly updated to complement the latest releases and features.

Whether it is making a transition from no software to using software or simply changing from a legacy software to Kreloses, we ensure a smooth journey for you, your staff and your business. Providing timely assistance to our customers and ensuring a seamless transition will always be our top priority. In Kreloses, support is accessible and getting help is easy. Take the jump towards the golden opportunity of incorporating software into your business for maximum business efficiency and potential.

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