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Ciyo Pet Care, located in Kecamatan Pasar Rebo, Jakarta

By Jen Soo Tuesday, 21 February, 2023

Ciyo Pet Care_Drh. Cindy Ayu Anastasia and her teamCiyo Pet Care_Drh. Cindy Ayu Anastasia and her team

We are thrilled to welcome Ciyo Pet Care, a fairly large veterinary clinic based in Kecamatan Pasar Rebo, Jakarta, to the Kreloses family!

Before joining us, Drh. Cindy Ayu Anastasia and her team were using another system that did not have an inpatient feature, making it difficult to monitor their patients' treatments. Fortunately, Kreloses was able to provide the solution they needed to easily track their patients' progress and ensure they receive the best care.

At first, there were concerns about the staff's ability to adapt to the new system, but with the help of Kreloses' training and support, the transition was smooth and successful.

We are honored to have Ciyo Pet Care as part of our growing community and look forward to supporting them in providing the best possible care for their patients.

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