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Embracing Kreloses for Comprehensive Pet Business Management

By Jen Soo Friday, 17 March, 2023

Chong Ba Pet HouseChong Ba Pet House

Chong Ba Pet House, a renowned pet services provider in Batu Pahat, Johor, is operated by Ms Sheiny and Ms Alice. Offering a range of services including pet transport, grooming, and a wide variety of pet products, the duo was initially using a simple POS system to manage their business. However, they soon discovered that the POS system lacked essential features, such as managing grooming packages and monitoring staff performance, necessary for smooth business operations.

Realizing the need for a more robust solution, Chong Ba Pet House switched to Kreloses. With this decision, they joined a growing number of pet services providers who are turning to our system for its comprehensive features and continuous improvements. We at Kreloses are dedicated to serving the vet & pet industry, and we're thrilled to have Chong Ba Pet House onboard, helping them streamline their business processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

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