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Geli Geli Kucing operates in several cities throughout Perak

By Jen Soo Friday, 3 March, 2023

Geli Geli Kucing Kuala Terengganu BranchGeli Geli Kucing Kuala Terengganu Branch

Geli Geli Kucing is a one-stop cat center that provides a wide selection of pet supplies and services, including pet grooming, pet boarding, and pet taxi. With multiple branches located throughout Perak, the cat center is committed to providing high-quality care to cats and their owners.

Before using Kreloses, Geli Geli Kucing faced challenges with their previous hotel system. It was not designed to cater to the needs of a pet service business. With Kreloses, the cat center can now easily track the availability of their facilities and manage their pet information in a simple and intuitive way.

Geli Geli Kucing is committed to providing excellent cat care to their furry customers. With Kreloses, they are now able to streamline their operations and provide better care for cats. We wish Geli Geli Kucing continued success in their business and hope that they will continue to provide high-quality care for cats and their owners in Perak.

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