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Kreloses Level Up 1.43

By Diana Seow Friday, 8 November, 2019

This week's Level Up includes shared ownership and split billing, unraised booking alerts, prescription lockdown, and some other enhancements. See below for a quick summary of some of the features, and as always, you can see the full list of new features in the release notes within Kreloses.

Shared Ownership & Split Billing

Previously, we have released the shared ownership feature but you can't split the bill yet. The good news is here in the latest release as you can now utilise the features end to end. With these features, the bill can be split according to the percentage of the ownership each owner has. These features are extremely handy if you provide equine or livestock services in which an animal may have multiple owners and agents. Multiple invoices will be generated when the sale is raised thus rest assured that each owner will have their respective invoice according to their ownership percentage.

Unraised Booking Alerts

Have you ever missed out on including another booking from the same owner when you are raising the sale? Don't worry, this release got you covered too. You will now see an alert on the invoice screen that will remind you to combine the other bookings of the same owner into your current invoice. This way, you will not forget to combine the bookings when you are raising sale which will also save a tremendous amount of your time.

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