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Kreloses Level Up 1.41

By Diana Seow Tuesday, 8 October, 2019

This week's Level Up includes the ability to add multiple custom note templates, adding multiple products to an invoice with a single click, policy improvements and several other small goodies. See below for a quick summary of some of the features, and as always, you can see the full list of new features in the release notes within Kreloses.

Multiple Note Templates

You can now create multiple note templates according to your business needs. You may need to use different note templates in certain situations and this will allow you to switch between note templates quickly. Whenever you add a new note, you can add a blank note, use an existing template or create a new template. This is applicable to all pages that have notes.

Product Bundle

With product bundle, you can now compile a group of products and sell them at a discounted price. In Kreloses, we have packages which are more comprehensive. If you just want to create a simple group of products quickly, you can use the product bundle. You can select a group of products, set custom prices and add them into an invoice with one click. Besides that, you can set multiple prices for a bundle so you can sell it at different prices depending on your promotion's terms and conditions.

Agenda View Border

In the Agenda View, the bookings on your calendar can be tricky to see when you have overlapping bookings. If you are using the Agenda View, all events on your calendar will now have a border so you can quickly identify the overlapping events.

Policy Update Prompt

We want to be transparent with our policy. Now, if there are any changes in our subscription policy, you will be prompted when you login to review and confirm your acceptance of the policy changes.

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