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Kreloses Level Up 1.42

By Diana Seow Friday, 25 October, 2019

This week's Level Up includes the ability to track stock levels at fractional quantities, invoicing at 4 decimal points, subaccount prompts during bookings and many other enhancements. See below for a quick summary of some of the features, and as always, you can see the full list of new features in the release notes within Kreloses.

Fractional Quantities

Kreloses now supports fractional quantities up to four decimal places in even more areas. This is applicable to invoices, addons, prescription, quotation, product transfer, product adjustment, product split, product pricing by quantity and product bundle. Now, your controlled substance usage and stocks can be tracked with higher accuracy.

Invoicing at 4 Decimal Places

You can now invoice at 4 decimal places. This will help to achieve a more accurate total for specific pricing rules like quantity-based pricing. Quantity-based pricing allows you to set multiple fixed prices for a specific product based on different quantity brackets. This is very useful especially for medications that are priced based on pet type or bodyweight instead of quantity dispensed.

Subaccount Prompts During Bookings

Previously, you may find yourself making the booking under the customer instead of the subaccount. With this enhancement, you will be prompted to make the booking under one or multiple subaccounts conveniently. Making the booking under the specific subaccount is crucial for the medical records to be captured correctly. This feature is applicable to customers who have at least one subaccount registered under their profile. Now, you can minimise such mistakes tremendously.

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