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My First Impression of a Vet Clinic

By Grace Ollivia Anak Taba Thursday, 31 January, 2019

Me petting the cute cat adopted by Sitiawan Vet Clinic.Me petting the cute cat adopted by Sitiawan Vet Clinic.

Hi, my name is Grace from the Kreloses team, I am from a small town called Kapit in Sarawak. Being the Sales and Marketing Executive, I am almost always on an adventure with my colleague, Soo, and majority of our customers are in the veterinary industry. Sometimes, we even have to drive through 7 hours of journey to learn about the company problems of our customers and help them solve it. From these little visitations that we make, I have gained a lot of new experience and broadened my horizons.

A veterinarian is a wonderful occupation that requires a lot of passion. My ambition was to become a veterinarian since I was young. I love animals and my family used to raise a lot of different animals such as ducks, chickens, dogs, tortoises and more. However, most of my pets always pass away shortly after and I still feel sad whenever I think of them. I have no idea what are the causes of death of my pets. Maybe they are poisoned, bitten by other animals or infected with diseases. Perhaps, it is also because that there is no vet clinics in my hometown so I didn't actually have the chance to find out what's wrong or what went wrong. I thought I can try to change this by becoming a veterinarian myself but unfortunately, I did not do well enough in Science.

A picture of my pets, Lion and Baby.A picture of my pets, Lion and Baby.

When I arrived in Peninsular Malaysia, I landed on this job and the opportunities include visiting to a high number of vet clinics as they are a major part of our market currently. I still remember my first visit to a vet clinic was at Seri Kembangan with my colleague, Soo. The staff were friendly as they greeted us and the place was filled with countless animal products. The reception, though, was piled up with stacks of customer files and there was also another room packed with shelves and shelves of documents. It was quite a messy sight. As I explored the place, there were many sick and weak animals at the hind room. When these furry companions saw us passing by, they started making a lot of noises to try to gain our attention. I guess they must be sick of staying inside the cages but it is inevitable in order for them to recover. There is a cat that particularly lingers in my memory as it is very weak, unable to move since it was receiving treatment and that earned a pang in my heart.

Some vet clinics voluntarily save strays and adopt them or help them find a loving family by providing them a temporary home. Until now, I have visited a good number of vet clinics and each of them treats their customers and patients professionally and sincerely. They work without rest around the clock and some even work during the public holidays. They don't even have enough time for themselves most of the times. Hence, that is why our company joins hands with vet clinics. We want to help them reduce their workload and smoothen their daily operations which in turn can save a lot of their time as they do not need to do strenuous, repetitive tasks everyday. This way, they will have more time to focus on treating and improving the lives of our furry companions. Veterinary clinics are important not only to us but also to our precious companions who we treasure just like a part of our family.

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