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Onsite Visit to AR Peralta Dental Clinic by Teeth Options - Blog Post

By Christoffer Dione Suason Wednesday, 3 July, 2024

Our recent visit to AR Peralta Dental Clinic on June 27, 2024, was an enlightening experience, showcasing the impressive integration of technology and patient care in their practice.

The moment we stepped into the clinic, we were struck by its cleanliness and cozy ambiance. The staff were incredibly welcoming, not just to us but also to their clients, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that set a positive tone for the entire visit.

Dixie in Front of the ClinicDixie in Front of the Clinic

We had the opportunity to observe the clinic's process flow, from the arrival of patients to their time spent waiting. The clinic even offers a free massage chair for clients to use while they wait—a thoughtful touch that adds to the overall patient experience. When the dentist is ready, patients are personally assisted to their assigned treatment rooms, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Waiting AreaWaiting Area

We watched Dr. Thea as she attended to her patients, embodying friendliness and accommodation throughout her interactions. Her professional demeanor and genuine care for her patients were evident and truly inspiring to witness.

Dr. Thea while attending to a patientDr. Thea while attending to a patient

One of the most impressive aspects of our visit was seeing how seamlessly Kreloses is integrated into the clinic's operations. After each patient consultation, Dr. Thea used her iPad to record the condition of the patient's teeth and the treatments administered directly into Kreloses. Every staff member also uses an iPad, highlighting the clinic's commitment to leveraging technology for efficiency. Dr. Thea shared that Kreloses has significantly improved their practice's efficiency, making it an indispensable tool.

Dr. Thea using Kreloses to record patient condition and treatment doneDr. Thea using Kreloses to record patient condition and treatment done

We also observed Ms. Joy, the clinic's receptionist, using Kreloses to explain patient balances. Her adept use of the software ensures transparency and clarity in patient billing, further enhancing the patient experience.

Ms. Joy discussing the bill with the patientMs. Joy discussing the bill with the patient

Having tried other software, Dr. Thea believes Kreloses is the best not only because of its comprehensive features and functions but also for its cost-effectiveness. This endorsement speaks volumes about the software's value in enhancing dental practice management.

Following a patient consultation, we had a casual discussion with Dr. Thea and her staff about their experiences with Kreloses. Everyone shared positive feedback, emphasizing the software's impact on their workflow. Dr. Thea also provided valuable insights into potential features that could enhance Kreloses, such as SMS integration, improved dental charting, and the like.

Group Picture Group Picture

As a trainer, this visit was incredibly insightful. I gained a deeper understanding of the challenges dental clinics face and am more motivated than ever to help resolve these issues. Seeing firsthand how Kreloses is used in a real-world setting reinforced its benefits and highlighted areas for further improvement.

Coi observing the dentist while using the dental chartCoi observing the dentist while using the dental chart

The visit to AR Peralta Dental Clinic was not only informative but also heartwarming. It was gratifying to see a dental practice that is so well-prepared for the evolving industry landscape. With Kreloses, they have a software solution that can adapt and innovate alongside them.

In summary, our visit to AR Peralta Dental Clinic was a testament to the power of combining technology with compassionate care. We left inspired and eager to continue supporting dental practices in their journey toward greater efficiency and excellence.

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