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Tackling the Rising Demand of House Call Services

By Diana Seow Saturday, 12 October, 2019

Modern software allow vets to commit to their work, even when they are on the go.Modern software allow vets to commit to their work, even when they are on the go.

An increasing number of Indonesian veterinarians are offering house call services to meet the public's high demand. Recently, house call service is the choice of many pet parents mainly due to its convenience and reduced stress for the furkids. It is especially ideal for owners with large-sized pets that are hard to be transported. All the pet parents need to do is to wait for the vet's arrival after making an appointment. On the other hand, vets would need to be prepared beforehand, ensuring that necessary equipment and administrative items like receipt books or the patient's history records are packed in the bag. There will be instances where the vets accidentally leave something behind and this can put them in a tedious situation.

To avoid the aforementioned situation, vets can take advantage of the utmost convenience that technology has to offer. As cloud-based modern software, Kreloses is mobile-friendly which enables the vets to attend house calls effortlessly. Sometimes, a few appointments will be lined up consecutively and there will be more things for the vet to bring. In these cases, Kreloses can help to tackle the raised problems and ensure a smooth process for the vets. Vets can replace hard copies of patient records with Kreloses and carry out their duties efficiently anytime, anywhere. There's no need to worry about forgetting anything behind. Being able to access Kreloses through their mobile phones means vets have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Vets can resume their work as per normal when they are back from house call services thanks to synchronised data.Vets can resume their work as per normal when they are back from house call services thanks to synchronised data.

Kreloses digitalises patient records, consultation notes, invoices, consent forms and more. Vets can utilise these to record the furkid's condition before, during and after the appointment. Photos of the furkid or injuries can be snapped and attached to the consultation notes directly. Not only that, invoices can be emailed to the pet parent immediately after service completion. These records do not need to be updated again when the vet is back in the clinic as it is synchronised. This eliminates redundant tasks and helps the vets to save a significant amount of time doing administrative work. Besides that, they do not need to carry multiple folders and records while doing home visits again.

Mobile-friendly software give vets the much-needed freedom to work remotely and multitask. With Kreloses, contacting pet parents and viewing essential details such as the address before departing to the patient's home is only a tap away. Vets must leverage these user-friendly technologies to simplify their work processes and reduce their workload. As for Indonesian vets that need to cater to a high volume of house visits every day, Kreloses is one of the best sidekicks they can ask for. After all, they can leave the administrative tasks to Kreloses, even when they are offsite, and provide the best service for their clients. One of the top reasons that many Indonesian vet clinics are still not using software is due to the high cost. However, this has been solved as Kreloses is available at a price everyone can afford.

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