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Tompok Cat House located in Shah Alam, Selangor

By Jen Soo Sunday, 12 March, 2023

Tompok Cat HouseTompok Cat House
Tompok Cat House is a pet hotel and service center that offers a range of cat care services. Their mission is to become a dedicated all-in-one cat house where clients can get all cat-related services in one place. Soon, they will be opening their own vet clinic to further expand their services.

As a group of ambitious young entrepreneurs, the team at Tompok Cat House is passionate and dedicated to providing high-quality care for cats. To manage their operations effectively, they have implemented Kreloses, a software that simplifies pet care and makes it easier for the team to manage their facilities.

We would like to thank Tompok Cat House for choosing Kreloses to be part of their business journey. We admire their passion and dedication to providing comprehensive cat care services and we wish them all the best in their business adventure. With their commitment to excellence and Kreloses to support their operations, we are confident that Tompok Cat House will continue to provide high-quality care for cats for years to come.

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