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Transforming Pet Care at WalMarx Corp-Alivet Animal Clinic with Kreloses

By Nurashikin Binti Rozzano Wednesday, 10 July, 2024

Beautiful Team Photo of WalMarx Corp-Alivet Animal ClinicBeautiful Team Photo of WalMarx Corp-Alivet Animal Clinic

Conveniently located at Door 2, Garces Building, Alijis Road, Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City, Philippines, WalMarx Corp-Alivet Animal Clinic is expertly managed by Dr. Sanogal. Known for its eye-catching uniforms, superb customer service, and a wide selection of pet foods and supplements, the clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your pets.

To further enhance its operations and ensure top-notch service, the clinic has adopted Kreloses, a cutting-edge cloud-based system. This advanced solution allows the clinic to maintain accurate patient data, efficiently manage stock inventory, and provide seamless access from any device, anywhere. By integrating Kreloses, WalMarx Corp-Alivet Animal Clinic can streamline patient record management and inventory control, leading to smoother and more efficient operations. This technological advancement highlights their commitment to delivering superior veterinary care and service.

We are proud to support WalMarx Corp-Alivet Animal Clinic. Thank you, Dr. Sanogal and team, for choosing Kreloses. Your trust in our system inspires us to continue delivering innovative solutions for clinics like yours.

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